What we believe

Recycle4Hope serves as a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide opportunities to the less fortunate for a second chance. We do this by donating recycled materials, providing us with the funds to not only help the environment, but the people we serve. Our purpose is to prove that what is often considered garbage can be transformed into something valuable.

How we started

The Beginning

In 2019 a friend of mine had an idea to recycle bottles for cash. We drove around and in one hour, we had $30 worth of empty bottles in his van. Although I was surprised at the outcome, I felt that there had to be a more efficient way than collecting bottles out the trash by hand.

What's next?

I felt like this idea had a lot of potential, and I wanted to use it as a method to help other people. I prayed and I asked God "What do you want me to do with this bottle thing?" Shortly after I had a dream that I needed to start now even if the first few attempts didn't work. I attempted to share the idea with a few of my friends, but I was unable to get anything going. One day I just picked up a bag and started collecting myself.

Just getting started

 After a few months of collecting, we made our first trip to deposit the bottles and we made $100. It took a lot of work, but I believed that we were in the beginning stages of something great. After doing this for a few months, we made our first trip to deliver care packages. I'll never forget walking up to a woman and telling her that we love her and that God had a purpose and plan for her life. The look on her face is something I will never forget as she claimed how much she needed to hear that. We are now driven to give that same experience to as many people as we can across the globe.

About Us


Jarrett Locke

Jarrett Locke is the CEO and founder of Recycle4hope. Jarrett graduated from The College of New Jersey with a bachelors degree in Health and Exercise Science. He is currently an elementary school physical education teacher who is passionate about helping others find their potential. Recycle4Hope began with Jarrett's love and passion for serving the less fortunate. It continued with one of Jarrett's most important goals-helping others to find their God-given purpose.

 The love and dedication Jarrett has for his faith drives him to influence and love as many people as possible!